Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is Lauren. One side looks is black with a white checker board design, the other side has a black background with little white flowers with swirls. It is cute. I had a hard time deciding what color bows to put on this one. You can choose from the following colors. Light blue, Lime green, Salmon pink, red, Hot pink or any other color that you may want. Or if you just want ties I can do that too.


Isaac is similar to Ethan, it is the same pattern just on a olive green background. The polka dots have brown, cream, and dark red in them. It has brown ties on the handles. It is very cute too. It is also reversible, with the same pattern on both sides.


I think this is one of my favorites for a little boy. Bridger is reversible too. The one side is gray with brown swirls different sizes. There are little dots around the swirls. I think it is so cute. The other side has brown, cream, gray, tan and dark brown stripes. I really like this one.


This is my daughters favorite. She named it herself. BreAnna has a very dark brown background with tons of different flowers is lots of colors, blue, yellow, pink, orange on one side. The other side has the same flowers, but it has a cute stripes. This one is also reversible. It has blue bows on the handles. You could request any color you wanted. My daughter said this had to have blue. It is very cute too.


Ashlee has a very pretty light blue background with a cute design in brown, green and yellow on one side and the other side is brown with a lighter brown fern design on the fabric. If you only wanted to buy one cover for either a boy or girl. This one would be good for that, one side is definitely girl and the other side is boy.


It is really hard not to have a favorite. I really do like this one. It is reversible as well. On both sides the background is black. The one side has tiny little red and cream flowers all over it. The other side has the same flowers and then it has a red curly design running all over the fabric. It has black bows on the handles.


I just love polka dots. Ethan is the same on both sides. The background is blue with tons of different size polka dots. It also has a little green, cream and dark brown in the dots. The ties are cream. It is very cute.


Mason is very cute. I love the colors. The turquoise, green, brown and Gray go very well together. This one is reversible as well. You can choose what side you want out. The bows on the handles are brown with tan stitching.


Riley has a lot of colors in it. They are all earth tones. I think this could be for a girl or a boy depending on your tastes. The one side has diagonal stripes and the other side paisley. It is reversible as well.


This cover is so cute, it has the same fabric on both sides. The background is a light pink with light green, yellow, white, and pink polka dots all over it. This cover is reversible. It has pink bows on the handles.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This cover is Owen. It is very masculine. The top layer has many different shades of brown, teal, and cream. It almost looks like watercolor stripes. The underside is dark brown and has a funny little shape that resembles a fish with teal and cream in the center. The tie on the handles is just a brown ribbon with tan stitching on the sides. I


This cover is called Morgan. I think it could be for a girl or boy depending on your taste. It is pretty basic. The top is black with white and black polka dots and the underside is black with three white stripes. It is very striking.


This cover is Logan, it is cream with a big teal stripe, the other stripes are an olive green and orange. The underside is a dark brown with little stars and circular designs and look a little like flowers. I think this cover could be neutral for a boy or a girl.


This cover is Isabelle, It is so cute. As you can see the background is brown with pink, light brown and yellow flowers. The underside has tons of polka dots with a light yellow background. The polka dots are brown, light pink, light brown, green, and dark pink.